February 28- March 10

I carry my world inside of me. I think that photography and art in general should never speak of reality but allude to reality. It creates a parallel one that is inspired by real life but that is then translated into symbol.
— Valentina Maria Marchioni, "A colloquio con Gastel. L'ultimo dei gentiluomini", in Popdam magazine online, April 2014

The Selects Gallery is pleased to present “Fallen Angel” a curation which was initially part of the “An eternal moment – Fallen Angels” exhibition at Spazio Ersel in Turin, in 2015 - a curation by Valerio Tazzetti and Paola Giubergia - organized in collaboration with Photo & Contemporary and Spazio 81.

This series pictures ethereal winged women, flying or standing on the ground, and mostly portrayed in sylvan environments. The sepia, blue, black or white tones of the image – all representing the colors of memory for Gastel - enhances the tension between a dream world and reality, where those angels just landed.

The nephew of Luchino Visconti, Gastel is one of the most recognized fashion photographers in Italy. In 1997 the Milan Triennale dedicates the first curation by Germano Celant, and in 2002, as part of the event La Kore Fashion Oscar, Giovanni Gastel receives the Oscar for photography. Gastel had over 30 exhibitions in Europe and he is honorary President of the Associazione Fotografi Italiani Professionisti and permanent member of the Polaroid Museum of Chicago.