For their first exhibition, The Selects Gallery presented its newly curated collection

“Story of Escape” featuring exclusive large format Fashion photography

at Market Art+Design in Bridgehampton.


For its first appearance at an art show with Market Art+Design, The Selects Gallery presented a collection of photographs under the title “Story of Escape”.

Marie Audier D’Alessandris, founder of The Selects Gallery to explain: “Fashion photographers offer a surreal vision of reality; beautified almost to an extreme, and I wanted to bring that vision to the theme of escape, so dear to everyone in the Hamptons.”

The selection included editorial and personal work from renowned photographers who all have been previously published in top international publications yet were featured for the first time in an art fair in the US. Danish Kenneth Willardt, Canadian Richard Phibbs or Dutch Paul Bellaart are some of the featured artists.

The Selects Gallery was the first Art Gallery to introduce social currency as a way to purchase art related items: as they snapped photos or created a story with the hashtag #theselectsgallery on Facebook or Instagram, Market Art + Design attendees were awarded with gallery’s art related gift. Check our Instagram account for all the images and interactions @theselectsgallery!

marie audier